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eLearning and LMS


navitusCorporate is a suite of tightly integrated modules to automate sales process, enhance employee engagement and upgrade skill sets through elearning, LMS and performance monitoring.


  • Multi-tenant, scalable architecture

  • Fully customizable for large customers

  • Extensive reports and data analytics

  • Supports gamification and mobile learning

  • Add modules as you go


  • Integrated Corporate Application (ICA) for diverse needs

  • Add modules as per corporate needs (Real-time)

  • Dynamic-pricing for small and large customers

  • Mobile-friendly and cross-compatible


  • Salesforce Automation (navitusSales)

  • Enterprise Chat (navitusChat)

  • Learning Management System (navitusLMS)

  • Micro-Learning (navitusBytes)

  • Virtual Classroom (navitusClassroom)

  • Performance Monitoring & Feedback (navitusPeformance)

  • Course Library and Flash Cards

Course Library:

We also have a course library that is offered for FREE for our navitusLMS customers. Currently there are 50+ courses in our course library and we keep adding fresh courses every month.

For more information, please visit -

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