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Elemantary Students

Education Products

Navitus offers products to help educational institutions to improve parent-teacher communication, along with flash cards for quick revision, & a comprehensive school admin dashboard with detailed reporting & data analytics. We also offer 'navitusStudyGuides' to CBSE students (Standards V - XII) that compliments classroom education.


navitusStudyGuides is a simple and easy-to-use mobile app for distribution of targeted content for students to aid in quick revision. It includes flashcards, and PDFs to help students revise course material and clarify concepts. For more information, please visit -


navitusSchool is a comprehensive system designed to simplify school activities and to enhance parent-teacher communication. It covers daily activities, events, timetable, attendance,  announcements, fee payment, photos, appreciation cards  and much more. It also provides engaging and interactive learning content with sample questions, quizzes and flashcards for quick revision.

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